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Executive Search Consultants

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The Search Process

1. Each assignment starts with a thorough briefing, characterized by an open, candid approach as we work together with our client to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's corporate strategy, culture and organization. We draft the objectives of the position and the profile of the ideal candidate.

2. We present our understanding of the situation and our shared objectives in a comprehensive proposal and specification, the accuracy of which we confirm prior to starting research activities. We set deadlines for each stage of the assignment based on agreed objectives and keep to them.

3. This is followed by systematic research using proprietary databases, industry specialists, personal networks and business contacts - as well as the sector-specific knowledge and the experience of our team.

4. We identify and interview potential candidates, followed by a thorough evaluation of their background, experience, qualifications, past performance, motivation and cultural fit. We prepare comprehensive confidential reports prior to presenting an agreed number of qualified candidates.

5. We conduct meticulous and wide-ranging reference checks on preferred candidates.

6. Finally, we follow up with an appropriate level of assistance during contract negotiations to ensure that both client and successful candidate emerge as winners. It doesn't stop there - we stay close to client and newly-hired leader to support the process of integration into the organization.